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We are commercial experts with a passion for helping people realise their potential. We have many years of experience working in some of the leading consumer organisations in the world. Over the years, we found that while many people have high levels of individual technical abilities, what they sometimes lack is a more rounded and commercial approach, underpinned by a broader skills set. This insight led to the development of 2Pi. (2π is the factor which, when multiplied by the radian, equals 360°!).
2Pi Consulting has a clear vision: “To create 360° Commercial Managers.”


We build your commercial capabilities to maximise value with your business partners. We combine best practice and knowledge with a customised approach, to design and deliver highly relevant and impactful capability solutions.

Commercial Awareness

A well rounded view of the commercial aspects of the business is crucial to making wise decisions. Understanding what makes the business successful, and being able to identify opportunities to optimise value with customers, are skillsets that we can help you develop.

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Relationships that are based on trust, authenticity and knowledge are at the heart of effective selling. We help you understand your customer’s world, and then create and deliver compelling solutions that motivate the customer to act.

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Getting inside the other party's head is fundamental in understanding where the balance of power lies and to uncover the sources of value. We guide you in the planning and execution of negotiation - from strategy to tactics and techniques that achieve the most successful outcomes.

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Motivating People

Transitioning from a technical manager to leader requires a new skill set. Maximising the potential of every team member, and nurturing those around you to help them realise their potential is crucial to operational and business success. We help you re-adjust your priorities and guide you to support and strengthen your team.

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We are proud to enjoy long-term partnerships with some of the leading consumer companies in the world; these are some of them...

The combination of the team’s extensive real commercial experience, and being a boutique consulting, coaching and training company, means that they are able to flex to our specific capability needs and provide high quality tailored interventions that other large providers just cannot do to the same level. The team are professional, personal and practical, and always deliver best in class content, delivery and learning experiences whether it is for an individual, team or the full sales community.

Claire Harding, Head of Commercial Capability, Suntory UK

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